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There are two types of squirrel in the UK, the grey squirrel and the red squirrel. The grey squirrel is more common. Grey squirrels were introduced into the UK from America around the turn of the 19th Century. Since then, their numbers have continued to grow.

The grey squirrel can easily out compete the native red squirrel for food. It eats closer to ground level and, unlike the red, is capable of digesting acorns. The grey squirrel also carries a virus to which it is immune but which can kill red squirrels. These factors have brought about a steady decline in the number of red squirrels whilst the grey squirrels thrive in vast numbers.

The grey squirrel is common throughout England (south of Cumbria) and Wales and also exists in pockets in Scotland. With the exception of a small, local population in Italy, it is absent from the rest of mainland Europe.

Town and Country

Squirrel on Bird FeederWhilst grey squirrels enjoy the seclusion of dense woodland, they are equally at home in our towns and cities in almost any location where trees are present and where a source of food can be found.

Problems with squirrels are often exacerbated by humans who feed them either intentionally, or indirectly using bird tables or feeders, unaware that their action will bring about not only an increase in numbers but an increase in squirrel-related problems.

Significant damage to property

SquirrelGrey squirrels are rodents and are often referred to as tree rats. Like those of other rodents, squirrels' teeth are well-adapted to gnaw and break down materials such as wood and bark in order to provide bedding. In woodland, this behaviour can cause significant damage to trees: squirrels strip them of their bark, a behaviour that can ultimately result in the death of the tree.

Squirrels will make the most of every opportunity available to take up residence in both domestic or commercial properties. They are attracted to the seclusion and warmth of a loft, for example. Once they have established a presence, their gnawing will continue, sometimes resulting in structural damage to the building. It is not uncommon for squirrels to strip back electrical wiring which on occasions has created a need for expensive remedial work and has even started fires.

Removal and Exclusion

If you suspect you have a problem with squirrels, County Pest Control can deal with their removal. We can apply physical controls as well as offering advice to our clients designed to help prevent the return of the pest.

Because of the extreme speed with which squirrels can do significant damage to property, we would encourage clients to adopt a proactive approach to managing this issue. If you have seen squirrels in or around your property then give us a call and we can advise you.