Ants can be found in almost every country other than polar regions and are closely related to wasps, with which they share a very similar body structure.

Social behaviour

There are almost 9000 species of ants and most of them live in the tropics. All ants exhibit social behaviour, often living an extremely organised lifestyle in vast numbers. Several hundred thousand ants in one colony would not be uncommon. Like many other species of insect, ants live in a hierarchical society with a queen at the centre.

Vast UK population

Ants are an important part of our ecosystem. They are responsible for controlling the numbers of other species of insect on which they prey as well as for turning and breaking down vegetation and soil.

There is a vast population of ants in the UK and almost everybody will come across this pest at some time, either at home or in the workplace.

AntAnts' nests are connected by an intricate system of tunnels and passages which can lead almost anywhere. Colonies of ants are typically found beneath slabs or other paving.

Ants often have strong jaws which secrete the formic acid that they use to defend themselves.

Treatment of ants' nests

The treatment and eradication of ants and their nests is relatively easy. County Pest Control can provide this service together with advice designed to minimise the likelihood of reinfestation.

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